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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 21, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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119 at andrews air force base. this shows what we have been talking about for a few days that the highest peak has been shifting eastward. it will stay near 90 in the metro area tonight. tomorrow could be even warmer than today. temperatures will drop near 90 degrees at 11:00 p.m. tonight. >> what a mess. as you know, these key takes its toll on just about everything, our bodies -- this heat takes its toll on just about everything our bodies, our pets our cars, everything. >> i just got off the phone with doug hill and he told me that where i am in bethesda it is 98 degrees, but it feels like
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triple digits. merchants are telling me that people are opting to stay home and out of this extreme heat. >> this is an for giving weather for everyone -- unforgiving whether for everyone. >> i have not had this problem before. it >> britney saunders was stuck in a hot broken-down car with her newborn baby as she waited for a tow truck. >> we are going to try to get it repaired as soon as possible. >> today aaa responded to that -- double the amount of calls it normally gets. >> any maintenance that is not
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paid attention to now is a cause of problem >>ms. >> it is important to keep up on your food intake. >> the hot temperatures drove many inside. those who did venture out were mindful to stay cool. >> year on the corner of what month at bethesda ave there is normally a shaved ice truck across the street because -- but they have just acted in, having had the worst day of the the year. they said people are just not getting out. tomorrow or saturday could be just as bad as today. as you were just showing us,
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coping with this heat can be very challenging but especially with out air-conditioning. a very hot scene out there. sam, what did you find? >> washington has long had a reputation as a hot and humid place and today it more than lived up to that. >> john was in his normal place at north capitol and florida. it was not just kind of hot but the series d c hot. >> i try my best not to melt. >> for more days at 100 or above. >> where there was a tree or a bus stop, people were under it. it was a day for walking with t- shirts on your head and water bottles in your hands. >> the rec center's air conditioner went out. not a lot of kids were there. >> some just wanted to get out of the heat.
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for many workers there was no way to get out of the heat. >> i do not have air conditioning. i have an automatic fan. >> but some people actually like a heat. this 80-year-old from the northeast says he does not want air-conditioning. >> i do not want air conditioning. i just step outside and i go inside when it is time to sleep. >> it used to be that d.c. would set up these cooling centers with bottled water tables and chairs. now it is so difficult because you have to go through red tape to get a fan.
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we wanted to find the hottest talent around. the heat index here is normally at 124 >> the hottest place in the area is right here in remington, virginia. the temperature hit 124 degrees on the heat index scale at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> our refrigeration really does
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take a beating on days like this so i'm happy to see customers come in and take advantage of it. >> she says it is still a challenge to keep the fresh milk and ice cream cold. >> be ready for heat related emergencies. a even a trip to the post office box to check the mail aggravates this woman's health problems. vah >> it is so hot that the to monitor on this truck is stock. but it is at least 40 degrees outside, celsius that is. he is from canada working an outside job at the waste treatment plant and said it was brutal in the heat. >> and in addition to the the
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county hospital. everyone is being advised to stay inside. they have not had any heat related admissions to the hospital but there are asking everyone to stay inside and drink plenty of fluids. >> this key rate is much more. -- this heat wave is much more. it has been blamed for 22 deaths across the country. 141 million people are experiencing the extreme temperatures. go to our website and you can get a list of the cooling centers around the area
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taking a look at this. our viewer linda davis sent us this one of her dog trying to stay cool. drivers in montgomery county are dealing with another message commute. -- massi commute. the southbound lanes between randolph slane and henderson avenues has been closed. they hope to have the roadway open between 8:00 and midnight tonight. >> in fairfax county man is dead. police were called to this home and when they arrived they found a gun and a man in fear >> they
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learned that man was an off-duty police officer. he did not use his gun to. at officers. it is a case that investigators are looking into. >> an off-duty police officer shot and killed a man in his garage. ricardo leon was a lieutenant with the naval observatory police, the force that patrols the grounds for the vice president lives. a woman inside the home and a neighbor called 911 thursday morning when they said he was in a rage, yelling and tossing belongings out the window. >> he busted a couple of windows and threw a shotgun out there. >> police rushed to this centreville town house community. the unidentified woman ran outside in terror as officers stood here facing the home. they say he was spotted with a
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shotgun. >> they could see through the open garage door a man with a shotgun. >> after a few minutes i heard the shot. >> neighbors say they cannot understand why someone they thought was a patriotic veteran could suddenly be at the center of a tragedy. >> it is really, really sad. >> we understand tonight that earlier in the day police officers were at that home. we have also learned that for county police officers are on routine suspension, the same officers that's tried to revive him and do cpr. >> loudoun county investigators say that someone sexually assaulting a woman as she worked
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-- walked home from work last night. the victims as a man grabbed her from behind and pulled her to the ground and attacked her and then ran away. they say the suspect spoke spanish to the victim and might have scratches on his face and body. coming up, a group of doctors want women to start getting mammograms at a younger age. we will tell you the new target number. >> hopefully we will be close to home. >> he is talking about this once controversy all mermaid statue in arlington. it is looking to -- for a new home. >> and a woman suffered in the heat with her daughter after their air conditioners were stolen. tonight, someone has stepped up and come to her rescue. >> wait until you hear how hot
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thousands got up early to watch history in the making. the shuttle atlantis touched down in a perfect landing just
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before 6:00 a.m. the crew got a hero's welcome and now the shuttle is off to retirement. we have some local reaction and a look at what is ahead for space travel in the u.s. more than half of the country is gripped with heat tonight. what about objects that baked in the sun all day long? we put out an electronic thermometer to test those hot spots. >> it is hot and you may think is the air temperature that is keeping people from enjoying themselves. look at this thermometer. they actually can outstanding at a table that is 128 degrees.
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sitting on a bench that is a boiling 138 degrees, there is no nice way to put it. >> it is too hot for anyone to touch. >> the top of your head is 109 degree spirit -- degrees. many are forced to take 120 degrees on their skin with when it comes to setting. >> i have been out of the truck for five minutes. >> imagine what it feels like under it. >> from power lines to the ground, the highest reading of
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the day 154 on the slide and 121 in the shade. another spot to scorching for kids. >> 137 degrees where you put your kids in your shopping cart. >> from vanges to bodies to swing sets, we put everything to the test today. we have a complete fraud of gallery for you. >> we will see you in a bit. >> yesterday we told you about this woman that we are calling ms. j and her daughter. someone stole the air conditioning units out of their house. she could not afford to replace them. after her story aired yesterday
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at 5:00 p.m., a local man stepped out to help. >> in node time, someone came through with a brand new air- conditioner. we slept very well last night. grex>> she is still hoping to replace the two other ac units that the thieves stole from her. she from the bottom of her heart. >> we would like to give him a nice pat on the back. >> no relief in sight? >> know, the national weather service has expanded and extended the heat warning. around the area the extension of the heat warning is until 10:00 p.m. tonight. and then tomorrow 10:00 a.m. to
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10:00 p.m. and until 8:00 p.m. on saturday. 99 in manassass. 99 in baltimore. the all important equation that drives with the heat index, 113 is what it feels like right now. it is interesting that after several days of tracking this air mass this big dome of high pressure that builds and tracks -- traps the heat underneath, now we are find -- finding the highest temperatures and heat index values on the east coast. air temperatures might be a degree or to higher tomorrow. the heat index may be up to four degrees higher tomorrow and the same on saturday. 105 in raleigh, 113 in washington. 106 at the korea. showers and storms, a few over
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the southwestern appellations. and that is really about it because this high-pressure ridge is so dominant. the air is so hot and humid and unstable we could see a pop-up thunderstorms tomorrow and begin sunday afternoon. for friday, sunny hot and humid straight through. it will be up to about 102. the heat index will make it feel about 118 degrees in many place. -- many places. by next weekend we could be in the mid 90's. if you go to and stay on the homepage, you'll find
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this gallery of pictures. it is fun to watch and we encourage you to submit pictures as well. that is a pig cooling-off period. send us your pictures and share what you have been doing in the heat. >> that is a great one. >> it is something we do not see very often these high temperatures and high humidity locked in place. we have more vip "who wants to be a millionaire?" audition tickets to give away. >> and they are -- and we will announce five more winners coming up tomorrow.
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>> coming up, he would -- hear what art campbell thinks of justin timberlake's new movie. and seven is on her side when she got stuck in the middle of a telling controversy and could not afford to get her car back. >> and arlington's busty mermaid
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>> she stirred up some controversy when she was parked at an old tree a few years ago. >> -- carved out of an old tree a few years ago. >> now she is for sale. but i love to fish and i love women. -- >> i love to fish and i love women. >> in 2004, paul jackson's wife had a eureka moment, to carve this ash tree into a big busted mermaid. ever since, they have watched her grow. >> if you look at this trial, she is married to the turtle. we had a wedding. >> she has been the top of the town. but he says it is time for the
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18 foot behemoth to swim away. jackson said he decided to sell the statue because its roots are starting to go and he is worried it will fall over. but he got a buyer at a seafood restaurant in clarendon. >> he is asking a whopping $3,000 for the carving and the buyer must all her away. some neighbors said they could barely wait as rubbernecking has caused the accident tourists park in their driveways, and it plain makes them feel uncomfortable. >> if you do not like it that is your problem. while she is no little mermaid those curves add color to the community. of the >> is a great talking. .
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>> i like that he said it was full figured flippers. coming up we will tell you why a unique new subway rider is getting a lot of attention --. and i am -- >> i am in manassass where we have thousands of campers trying to beat the heat. th
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there's a big celebration under way in manassass. >> it is the 150th anniversary of the first major civil war battle but the heat is proving to be a challenge for the thousands of history buffs and reactors. >> here's a look at how those folks are coping. >> can you imagine living in 1861 people wearing all that will and long dresses? trying to stay cool is not easy. you have to have a hat. water is the number one weapon
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in its battle against the sun. the battle of bull run was fought in manassass exactly 150 years ago today. >> you could die from heat stroke on just a regular march not at the sirleaf a battlefield. >> but no one wants casualties -- not necessarily a battlefield. >> but no one wants casualties at the celebration is began. >> we have clean sites, two medical tents a number of ems team is ready to go. >> several thousand of the reactors have already set up camp with their 350 horses. today's 1:00 p.m. the event was canceled. >> it got canceled because of the key. >> we have already had people experiencing the weather and looking after each other to make
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sure we are ok out here. >> the most precious commodity at this camp is ice. >> sometimes i just stick it inside my coat or hat. >> packing ice inside that had is a great trick and unique id -- you need it. they're expecting at least 10,000 people this begin for the re-enactment. >> looking good in that hat. thank you so much. meanwhile, the celebration and re-enactment is expected to draw more than 100,000 people to manassass. get ready for heavy traffic especially on route 29 at 234. hot weather caused plenty of trouble today. the air-conditioning went out at the brentwood recreation center.
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across the country, the danger is the high temperatures have been blamed for at least 22 deaths. >> a virginia man is dead. police shot recorder of leon earlier this morning. -- ricardo leon early this morning. a witness said he had become enraged and was throwing things out the window. he was a lieutenant in the naval police force. a shuttle atlantis touched down today ending 30 years of iran. -- of the space program. 53-year-old richard hansen is accused of killing his father. his father's body was found shot to death at his home.
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a multimillion-dollar hospital is in the works for prince george's county. we're live at the turn hospital. >> it is going to be a big regional hospital. this is a really big deal because for years we have heard of the plan to keep prince george's hospital center open. this is a completely new approach a new hospital in partnership with the university of maryland's medical system. >> after waiting while a loved one got medical care of the hospital, she told me that's having a facility is a must. >> i hope it does not close. >> for years it has been teetering on the edge of going out of business with far too many patients that cannot pay their bills.
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it stayed open in part with state subsidies. now gov. martin o'malley says a long-term solution will soon be a reality. >> we still have things like the financing to work out. but this is a game changing day. >> the plan is to reveal a regional medical center in health sciences campus to be built in central prince george's county. the hope is through new resources and the ability to to draw pain patients will help them be sustainable. construction is believed to be able to begin in about three years. >> this is a long-term solution for prince george's county and for the region. >> how much it will really cost, where it'll go and what will become of the current location after it disclosed are all questions that remain to be
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answered. but for those who live here, the plan sounds like a winner. >> one thing we were hearing from people out on the street today is where, where is this going to go? everything will be centrally located, perhaps around the metro station for the landover by the mall. we will know more in about 18 months. >> time now for a check of the traffic situation. dealing with very heavy delays on the beltway right now. an accident on the wilson bridge on the right shoulder. also delays between college park and colesville.
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inner loop at old georgetown looks like a parking lot. 270, no reports from -- of any accidents from the northbound side. at montgomery village avenue is also very heavy. from germantown it eases up just a bit. and you are seen delays again at clarksburg. and in virginia i-95 southbound, some significant delays. most of them have been taken out of the way. coming up, new proof that taking an aspirin a day might help save your life. another super hero and another romance at the movies this weekend. at 6:00 p.m., gas prices are sneaking back up again. see how much
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>> justin timberlake is back on the big screen this weekend and this time he is playing the leading man. >> art campbell joins us with a
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review of the movie "friends with benefits." >> i think the last time they called it "no strings attached" and it was not that long ago. justin timberlake and millett from this -- mila kunis try their best not to get emotionally attached. this is the second movie this year to prove it does not work. woody harrelson has a nice turn as a sportswriter it read butz this year's "no strings attached." this one is pleasant, but do not expect anything new. a couple and a half stars. meanwhile chris evans goes old school as world war ii hero
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captain american. -- captain america. it has great style but the enemy looks like jim carrey in an "the mask." 2 1/2 stars. what -- is jim carrey doing in that? next week features "cowboys and aliens" and a surprising romance starring steve grelle, "crazy stupid love." >> coming up next the new age women should be getting mammograms doctors now say. but thank you so much for helping me. >> why this woman is smiling.
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how she got her car back from the towing company without paying a dime.
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>> some arlington residents might get a surprise the next time they open their doors to this man. >> a local restaurant is using a sad way to avoid -- is using a subway to get around with its deliveries. >> anyone who has tried to park a car no that it can take awhile to find a space. >> i like to have it delivered. >> instead of a car the beat the man showed up on this. >> we are going to enjoy the pizza. >> a subway. that is that his answer to the clarendon parking nightmare. >> especially this mile and a half corridor along the orange line that is still populated so
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densely with high-rises. >> it is outfitted with its own cargo rack to make deliveries. >> if there is anything wrong with it, call me and i will deliver another one. he says it makes traffic -- >> he says it makes delivery actually faster. >> i can be in a mile radius in five minutes. >> the only knows of two other restaurants around the country that make deliveries 0 using the subway. that is a great idea, it is in it? a group of doctors wants to
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lower the age of women getting mammograms. they say breast cancer is impacting women at a younger age and the earlier is detected the more likely women will survive the disease. they are now recommending age 40. >> researchers found that people who quit taking a d.b. low dose aspirin have a higher percentage of having a heart attack than those who keep it out -- up. if you are already doing it, keep it out. there is still no solution with the debt ceiling although the speaker of the house says he
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may be able to compromise. we will see. we will have a look at nasa's future without the space program. i will see you at 6:00 p.m. in the meantime, we have this interesting discussion right now on our facebook page. >> it seems the winner of the contest has not picked up his prize. his time has just about run out. what should we do with this? go to our facebook page and let us know what you think. we have received more than 100 comments already. if you have not kriner and like ourk -- bond there and light are paid yet, please do. -- gone there and liked our page yet please do.
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>> it is going to be even more uncomfortable tomorrow and into the day on saturday as well bennett has been today. a heap -- then it has been today. a heat advisory until 10:00 p.m. tonight, at 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. tomorrow, and until 8:00 p.m. on saturday. it is not unusual for us to have triple digit heat in the area. what is unusual is be to be -- they do. -- the dewpoint temperatures to be at 80 degrees. these are the most valuable members to give you right now. this is what it really feels like outside, 113 in the city. 108 at washington dulles.
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115 in norfolk. 110 in indianapolis. 100-103 tomorrow will feel more like 118 at times. with love for you to share your images of how you beat the heat. here is a dog taking a cruise on the water. that is the latest. alisyn and tim, how do you cool off? we said that and just like that we went over the 20,000 facebook fans. >> just like that. tough times for nfl owners and players. they're expected to agree on a bargaining agreement that should bring unprecedented peace for
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the next 10 years. the lawyers are working on the language right now and the owners will vote before they leave their hotel. but the players have not voted and there are issues that could hold up this deal. the players have a 7:00 conference tonight. antitrust action has been brought into play. that is big. some of the other issues are still being discussed, workman's comp television compensation. the details are still being worked out but the owners are optimistic. >> you are always cautious. you're always taking it hour by hour. but the goal is there has been a lot of momentum in a positive direction. >> both sides will continue even
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as we speak. when petty officer brian levy decided to reenlist in the navy, he wanted his favorite team to administer the oath. and they said, yes, sir. he will be able to watch the redskins if and when this lockout ends. way to go, anthony. and this man has not cut his head -- his hair for seven years. he injured his -- insured his hair for $1 million. and he does not see that guy coming. look out, and look at that cut. [laughter] it has got to be a hoax. but again, nobody showed up at the hospital with clippers in his year, but it -- in his ear
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but it
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>> we have more good news from 7 on your side. earlier this week we told you about a woman that was stuck in the middle of a telling controversy and could not afford to get her car back. -- a towing controversy and could not afford to get her car back. >> after our story there were lots of calls and she was able to pick up her car and drive it home without paying a dime of the $960 bill. >> he charged be nothing to get it out. >> he said it was the right thing to do. >> she is on hard times. that is when you have to have
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some sympathy. but eight days ago she said she broke down and her free roadside service was already on the way when a police officer insists on calling for the towing company. almost $1,000 to tell a car 6 miles and store it for a week had many of our viewers crying foul. >> have your people ever paid the police under the table? >> that is not going to happen. that has not happened and it is not going to happen. >> but he said that they must meet strict standards to in --
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to ensure no one is cheating. >> thank you so much for helping me. if it had not been for you guys it would still be sitting there. steve mills says he sure does not want people to think he is going to do this for everyone, but the bottom line, everybody is happy and the case is closed. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. coming up at 6:00 p.m., lost in mother nature's oven. and a final touchdown for nasa. >> this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> our big story at 6:00 p.m., you guessed it, the climbing


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